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Langston Roach Industries Limited
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Langston Roach Industries Limited

Address: #106 Saddle Road
View: 11401
City: San Juan
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Contact No: + 1 (868) 674-0216
Fax: + N/A
Owner/Manager: Langston
Trinidad and Tobago | Contact Details
Experience: Established N/A
Certification Type: N/A
Issued By: N/A
Description of Certificate: N/A
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Company Name: Langston Roach Industries Limited
Location of Registration :San Juan
Company Operational Address : #106 Saddle Road
City :San Juan
Country : Trinidad and Tobago
Zip Code :N/A
Main Products:,,,, ,,,,
Other Products:,,,,,,,,,
Company Registered :N/A
Total No Employees :N/A
Company Website Url :N/A
Legal Owner: N/A
Office Size : N/A
Company Advantages :N/A
User Phone Number : 1 (868) 674-0216
Fax No : N/A
Product Services:N/A

<p><strong>&nbsp;COMPANY PROFILE</strong></p> <p>Langston Roach Industries Limited, also known as LRI, is one of the Caribbean&rsquo;s leading consumer goods manufacturers and distributors of household, personal care and janitorial products in Trinidad &amp; Tobago. The company produces an extensive range of household and personal care products and industrial cleaners in various sizes, catering for our customers&rsquo; needs.</p> <p>Our household and janitorial products are carried by all leading supermarkets and hardwares in the country, and our Personal Care products are sold at established supermarkets, pharmacies, variety stores, cosmetic counters, and numerous other retail and commercial establishments. LRI is a private, family owned company, which commenced operations in May 1985, and to date is still expanding.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>PORTFOLIO OF PRODUCTS</strong></p> <p>We manufacture and distribute an extensive range of over 100 products in Household Cleaning Solutions, Janitorial Supplies and Personal Care. Our raw materials are carefully selected from some of the best chemical suppliers and the top fragrant suppliers throughout the world.</p> <p>We focus on new advanced formulae and products which improve our response time to the changing dynamics of the markets.</p> <p>The company has developed research capabilities which enable us to constantly analyze the external environment in order to keep up with international developments and trends.&nbsp;</p> <a href=""></a><br> <a href=""></a><br>

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